Bournemouth Writing Festival

Bournemouth Writing Festival

31 days ago

April 2023: I nervously went along to just a couple of events at the first ever Bournemouth Writing Festival. Dead Man Singing was due for publication a few months later and I wanted some ideas for how to promote it, as well as for future writing projects. Those two sessions were great, and after the festival I took myself further out of my comfort zone and got involved in the networking events of the community that was growing up around the Festival. Great decision: there are so many lovely, talented people in Bournemouth, and everyone seems to be genuinely thrilled for one another’s successes. I’ve made new friends who it’s always a pleasure to meet up with.

This year’s Festival is happening over the weekend of 26th-28th April, and last night I was at the launch event for the full programme. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m taking part in a discussion, along with Chloe May from my publishers The Book Guild and self-published author Jude Hayland, talking about our respective experiences and different routes to getting our work out there. Tickets and details are available here.

I’m also going to far more workshops and talks than I did last year, and I’m looking forward to hanging around the Festival and meeting people, in contrast to last year’s hit-and-run approach. If you’re wanting a bit of stimulus and encouragement for your writing, there’s bound to be something on the extensive programme that scratches your particular itch. Take a look here to see for yourself. Alternatively, if you want to hear me banging on about writing (just for a change) come along to my discussion.

Please sign up and get involved; who knows, we might even end up at the same talks. See you there!


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