A-Z of Dead Man Singing: O

A-Z of Dead Man Singing: O

67 days ago

O is for the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. One of my beta readers for Dead Man Singing described the musical references as deliberately obscure. Generally, that’s not true, but there’s one reference – the aforementioned Ozarks – which was purposefully chosen because I thought a lot of people wouldn’t know about them. Please feel free to bask in smug superiority if you are already familiar with their work.

I wanted a musical reference to show Dave as a bit of a musical snob. He comes across an Eagles album in someone else’s collection and immediately decides to recommend the Ozarks, who are more to his taste than the better known (and immeasurably more successful) Eagles. I’ve always had a bit of a blind spot where the Eagles are concerned: I know (and like) the big hits – Take It Easy, Lyin’ Eyes, Hotel California – but when I’ve ventured further into their albums, something just doesn’t connect for me. There are so many components of their sound which I ought to like, and yet... I’m sure it’s my loss, but somehow I can’t get my head around them.

Incidentally, I know of three other books (only two of which I have read) which make reference to the Ozarks. One is Sound Man by Glyn Jones, legendary record producer and break-out star of Peter Jackson’s wonderful Get Back documentary; the second is Rock Stars Stole My Life by Mark Ellen; and the third – the one I haven’t read – is It Shined by Michael ‘Supe’ Granda, the story of the band themselves, as told by their bass player. I’m more than happy to take my place alongside such luminaries.

Who are your musical blind spots? Who are the major acts that you don’t dislike but somehow just can’t get enthusiastic about?

Alternatively, who are your little-known gems that you wish more people had heard of?

Steve Couch

Gore, I did check them out and you're right! 'Time Drives the Truck' and 'Jonathan, Jonathan' were two tracks that jumped out at first listen, but it strikes me as the kind of album where others will emerge with repeated listens. Thanks for the heads up - I had completely missed them first time around.


Check out rockingbirds. First album I think you like.

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